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Bonkers Blog June 2012

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27 June (Part 1) - Walk this way

Direction signDirection signNew direction signs have sprung up in Broadway and elsewhere. Modern ones like those that may be found in central London. I think Boris has been dipping his hand into his, i.e. our, pockets again. Quite nice although some people have been keen to report that the walking times displayed are wildly optimistic, so I thought I would do a few test runs. I mean walks. I chose Crook Log Leisure Centre to the sign and the sign to Barnehurst station. I hope you can see that the council’s suggested times are 18 and 16 minutes respectively.

I have a reputation for walking too fast for most people but I tried not to regard it as a race and my road crossing delays were absolutely minimal although being stopped while close to Barnehurst station and asked for directions lost ten or fifteen seconds.

My times were 14 minutes and 45 seconds from the Leisure Centre and 13 minutes and 10 seconds to the station so I would say the figures shown are realistic for anyone reasonably fit, and if you aren’t fit you’d be jumping on a bus anyway. Don’t say I am always negative to everything Bexley council does!

While in Erith Road I saw a cab go by with a notice in the front window which proclaimed ‘Bexley Mini Cabs’.


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