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Bonkers Blog January 2012

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8 January - Joined up thinking - Click any image for photo gallery (3 images) and explanatory letter

Bellegrove Road Bellegrove RoadHow long is it that the main East West route across the borough has been in turmoil at the Crook Log junction? From memory, at least four months and the current stage is not due for completion until March. Now the same route is to be disrupted half a mile to the west in Welling. Work starts tomorrow.

The plans and consultation documents are available as a PDF download from Bexley’s website. A summary of the plan says it is to “reduce congestion and delays, reduce collisions, improve pedestrian facilities, and generally improve the street environment by reducing signs, improving obstructions, and improving the footways” and that “after careful consideration of all comments and objections received, Councillor Peter Craske has now approved the scheme for implementation.

That is a refreshing change. His adjustments to the B213 three years ago were expressly designed to increase congestion and delay (seen every time two buses try to pass each other), put pedestrians at risk from cyclists and had the effect of significantly increasing the amount of street clutter. Naturally accidents are seen more often. Perhaps someone should take a look at the comments and objections for Bellegrove Road to see what fate befell them at councillor Craske’s hands. In the B213 case he thoughtlessly dismissed every single one of them and its users face the consequences every day. It is to be hoped that the new plan’s stated objective of “improving obstructions” is not as successful as it too often is with Craske in charge of road schemes.


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