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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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29 September (Part 1) - Monitoring Man

John Watson of The Bexley Council Monitoring GroupI went to meet John Watson yesterday evening following his appearance in three  local newspapers due to his involvement with the petition against excessive salaries paid to Bexley’s top staff. Will Tuckley the Chief Executive is the 37th highest paid local government employee in the country (Source: BBC Panorama). While I was with him his phone rang and it was LBC asking if they could interview him live on air this morning. Well it seems he was squeezed out by the proposed closure of Brompton Hospital and the fact that there were only 60 adoptions in the country last year due presumably to a surfeit of red tape.

LBC apologised and said they would try to get John on tomorrow.

The call from LBC wasn't the only media related contact yesterday. Another broadcaster called in the morning to discuss the possibility of doing a programme on local government and the rejection by some councils of Eric Pickles’s advice to them. It’s unwise to count chickens in these matters and it is clear that a programme such as that suggested would take a long time to come to fruition. Speaking of which…

The Notomob feature involving Dominic Littlewood is I am told scheduled for broadcast during the first half of October - subject no doubt to the usual delays and postponements that afflict these things.


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