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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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28 September (Part 2) - Lambasting Bexley Council

Nick Ferrari show on LBCWhen the ‘Listening To You’ council decided it didn’t want to listen to 2,000 residents who back the petition that backs the ideas of Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, their arrogance was picked up by three local newspapers. That has led to interest from further afield. Tomorrow morning one of the residents involved with the petition is scheduled to be interviewed on Nick Ferrari’s show on LBC 97·3FM. The interview is currently planned for 08:45.

I understand that Bexley council has refused to take part. The petition is still open for signature and thanks to the newspaper publicity is widely welcomed. Today a lady who thought she had been missed ran down the street to make sure her signature was included and two men signed it with reference to "those bastards" (duly qualified with more colourful language). Bexley council seems to have no idea of the level of animosity they face.

LBC is available not only on FM in the London area but DAB radio and Sky nationally and beyond. The message is spreading.


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