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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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24 September - Foot soldiers have Craske in their sights

It’s the weekend which means that the number of readers falls by 30% and sometimes more which is an excuse for not saying much. Most readers reach the blog via the Home page so they will already have seen that it changed yesterday evening. Gone is the timeline of Bexleyheath police’s failure to make any progress on cracking the great obscene blog mystery and is replaced by the track record in office of your friend and mine, councillor Peter Craske.

My friends who have been walking the streets getting signatures for their petition seem to enjoy it so much that they are just about to embark on a new venture. Delivering a version of this site’s new front page to every address in Peter Craske’s Blackfen & Lamorbey ward. (Actually they had the idea first; I pinched it for the Home page.) They are still working on the final design but currently it looks something like this. I thought it was a little premature as there isn’t going to be an election until 2014 but they told me they are going to do it again later and that as she is in the same ward, they have councillor Katie Perrior in their sights too. I suspect they will give her a little boost on the reverse of their Craske leaflet.


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