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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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17 September - Newsreel

Council inspired obscene blog

After some complaining the police have now accepted a Freedom of Information request about the apparent failure to investigate the hate crime committed by Bexley council or one of its associates. Chief Superintendent Stringer of Bexleyheath police has not acknowledged an enquiry addressed to him two weeks ago.

BBC Panorama

The BBC Panorama programme which will not flatter the British National Party that was referred to last weekend has been postponed for a week and is now scheduled for transmission on 26th September.

Public consultation on the new Civic Centre

There is only a week left to have your say on redevelopment of the Civic Offices and Woolwich Building Society sites but it may not be a good idea to use the computer dedicated to that purpose at the Townley Road library. It is supposed to access the Survey Monkey website but Survey Monkey not unreasonably kicks out all attempts to participate from the library computer on the grounds that it is a duplicate request from the same IP address. The council’s website allows access via ’Related Links Feedback’ on the right hand side of its page, and that may be a better bet, although at ten o’clock this morning it was refusing to let me in. Maybe that is because I have used it before but that is not what it was telling me. Good luck if you try.

Rubbish Statistics

Bexley council’s website currently shows how the refuse it collects divides into the different components. 28·09% is made up of paper, glass, tins and plastic and 22·66% is kitchen and garden waste, which is the basis for its 50·7% recycled claim. The other half goes to landfill (42·24%) and 9·45% is (burned at the Belvedere incinerator presumably) used to generate electricity. Don’t bother to add the figures up, you were right first time; they exceed 100%.

The latest available official figures on recycling show that Bexley is second best in London for compost recycling and eighth best (ninth if you count the City of London) for paper, tins, plastic and glass. (See complete table.) So how come they keep claiming to be best? More figures that don’t add up perhaps?

Petition against excessive salaries

Door knocking recommenced this week after a break for holidays and the success rate is still exceeding 96%. Nobody likes Bexley council. If the resources were available 100,000 signatures would be achievable not just the target 2,000.


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