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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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15 September (Part 3) - Bexley’s Tories. Lying again - Click image for photo gallery (2 images)

Cllr. Malik encourages the County Gate petitionersBack in June councillor Peter Craske blamed the lamentable state of traffic affairs in County Gate at the borough’s Greenwich boundary on that authority and claimed their behaviour was “disgraceful”. Having been made to look rather useless by the follow up report and correspondence in the News Shopper, Bexley’s Tory council has had to concoct an excuse, and what better than to blame the situation on Bexley’s Labour party. Have I missed something? Has Labour been in power since 2006? Do Labour represent the people of County Gate now?

If you believe what you read on the Bexley Conservatives’ website the County Gate fiasco is all Labour’s fault. “The Labour Party in both Bexley and Greenwich needs to explain to residents of County Gate… Labour Party representatives in Greenwich AND Bexley must write to people in County Gate, setting out, in detail, the political reasons why they continue to block this scheme. What are they hiding?”

How’s that for a distortion of the truth? What hypocrisy for an obsessively secretive council to accuse the opposition of hiding things.

At that June meeting it was Labour councillor Munir Malik who introduced the leader of the County Gate residents to the council and it was a Conservative chairman who slapped him down and refused permission for her to speak. At the next meeting in July it was councillor Malik who supported the County Gate petitioners. Is that not Labour councillors Malik and Newman conversing with the petitioners in the photo? Do you see any Conservatives giving their support. No; and there were none.

What is it about Bexley’s Conservatives that make them lie at every opportunity? How can councillor Gareth Bacon, a Greater London Assembly member, be so stupid as to allow his name to be associated with such blatant distortions? Doesn’t the governing Tory party in Bexley have anything at all that they can put on their website that they have achieved and for which everyone would applaud them? It seems not. Lying is the only thing they are good at.


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