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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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14 September (Part 2) - His number’s up

You don’t need to be a Detective Inspector to work out that I am disillusioned with Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer of Bexleyheath police. You would think a new broom might want to sweep clean but all the evidence is that when he finds dirt in a murky corner of Bexley, under the carpet it goes. His ’Police Biography’ says he came here from Croydon. We seem to have a habit of taking their cast offs. Will Tuckley, Tomris Ibrahim… who else grew up together and got matey in Croydon? I have more than once heard Borough Commander Stringer proclaiming that the crime rate in Bexley is low by London standards, and the police and Bexley council like to take credit for that. I’ve been looking into some crime stats for myself, and this is what I found for the period since 2008…

• Street robberies up 41 per cent.
• Robberies up as much as 46 per cent.
• Antisocial behaviour up 11 per cent in a year.
• Violent offences up 12 per cent.

Sounds nasty! Oh, didn't I say? Those figures aren’t Bexley’s thank goodness, they are Croydon’s in the time Chief Inspector Dave Stringer was there (as Superintendent) until  the end of last year. Source : Croydon Today.

Under his Bexley command hate crime seems to have taken a significant turn for the worse already and there is no sign that he has shown any interest.


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