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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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14 September (Part 1) - Bexley council. Mad as a paint brush

Disabled parking bay erased Disabled parking bay Disabled parking bayYesterday I was looking for examples of clearly marked parking bays but all I got was a couple of particularly confusing ones. From the south of the borough came pictures of an unwanted ‘Disabled Bay’ within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) which has been replaced by a yellow line. The sensible thing would have been to erase the ‘Disabled’ marking from the road, remove the pole and sign that stood by it, all of which has been done, and allow the space to revert to one for general use by those who pay £100 a year for Residents’ Permits. But no; in goes a single yellow line with no indication of what restrictions apply so no one knows what to do.

From the north comes something close to a mirror image of that situation. There used to be a line of Residents’ Parking bays here but after some road works obliterated the lot they were replaced but the one at the end was never marked out. So again no one knows what to do. There are no signs to indicate parking is not allowed but no one can afford to take the risk.

Silly bus stopWhile on the subject of crazy road markings in Bexley, I rather like this one. The bus stop bay is long enough to be Heathrow’s third runway - it extends to the car in the background - but the bus stop pole itself lies outside it. A rare case of it being entirely legal to park at a Bexley bus stop.


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