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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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11 September (Part 1) - Bonkers is not Labour

I was amazed to think someone thought so; and was in a position to perpetrate the myth. If Bonkers was associated with the local Labour party I might spend some time sorting out their ward websites; they are in a pretty awful state. Out of date and not all working properly. I’ve noticed that my MP seems to be far more active and aware of local needs than her male colleagues to the south but I’ve not exactly overdone the praise. Teresa Pearce (Labour) has featured here only twice as far as I can remember, once when she took the Nick Johnson pension fiddle to the House and again when she wasn’t keen on Bexley council giving lap-dancing clubs incentives to come here. Anyone who thinks this is a Labour party site obviously hasn’t seen the criticism of their 2010 election addresses. Try the blog for 3rd March 2010 for example. Looking back on it I feel it was a little over the top, but if Bonkers was a Labour supporting site it wouldn’t be there.

I don’t see how anyone could detect political bias because I personally don’t like any party at the moment and I don’t think any of my colleagues do either. Oh, I almost forgot. There is one who speaks up for the Lib Dems. Well there has to be one somewhere.

Sure I’ve admitted to voting Tory in the past but attending Bexley council meetings has put paid to that and Cameron is proving to be ‘the heir to Blair’ as far as I am concerned. Hopeless.

Something that annoyed me more than being labelled Labour is being labelled British National Party. It happened once at the Boris Johnson show when an unbelievable bigot sat next to me and in the conversation that ensued made that assumption and jumped up and ran away in terror as if I was suffering from the plague or something. There was a similar reference on another local (and in my view politically biased) website. Actually I have news for both. I am informed that on 19th September the BBC’s Panorama programme is going to devote their thirty minutes to annihilating any remaining thoughts that the British National Party leadership might be anything other than hopelessly misguided and absolutely beyond the pale. I know those words aren’t enough to satisfy everyone but it’s practically certain that someone will have set a Google Alert which will send a site link to them and I don’t particularly want their heavy mob coming to my door. Last week I sent Panorama a load of documents that I had come by which will aid their cause. I have the BBC acknowledgement to prove it. It is just possible that you will see a Bexley link in the programme, but not one that Bexley council need worry about.

I and my colleagues have somehow been drawn (in my case it wasn’t planned, it just sort of happened) into pursuing any local politician who lies, unreasonably withholds information or acts in his or her own interests and Bexley council has them in spades. It is they who issue obviously false public statements, it is their administration that uses the police as their own personal bodyguards and ‘hit men’ to pick off residents they don’t like, and it is a Conservative administration that attempts to usurp the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts. When Labour do the same thing they will be criticised too.


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