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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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9 September (Part 3) - Tesco is coming to Bexleyheath - Click image for photo gallery (1 panoramic image)

Tesco exhibitionTomorrow is the last day of the council’s Tesco exhibition, or should I say of Tesco’s exhibition? They had three big displays to the council’s one, and three staff to the council’s one too. When I arrived soon after 1 pm today there was a wonderful silver haired old lady there, complete with waggling walking stick, leading off alarmingly about Bexley council being corrupt, councillors being on the make and it had always been the same. She had made one mistake, the people she was berating were Tesco staff, very nice people they were too. When I managed to get a word in I confirmed that Bexley council’s dirty tricks department was every bit as skilled as Tesco’s was reputed to be.

The artist’s impressions of the new 80,000 feet store suggested it would be a very nice addition to Bexleyheath when it opens in late 2014. There will be an underground car park which Tesco intends to provide free for the first two hours. It was admitted that they expect Bexley council to contest the plan and the council’s shop destroying draconian attitude to parking charges had not gone unnoticed. (Townley Road was very nearly empty again when I arrived; just two cars.)

The elderly lady was still having her say about Bexley’s awful council so to give her something else to complain about I mentioned the extent of their monthly expenditure on sandwiches. Naturally the Tesco people said they would do better to buy sandwiches from them. My neighbour, a civil engineer by profession, who accompanied me on the trip wandered over to speak to the Bexley council official to ask about the redevelopment of the old Woolwich site. There he learned that the council does not believe the electorate would tolerate comforts for their staff, so they have no space allocated to eating or relaxation, not even a patch of grass outside on which to sit and eat their own sandwiches if we should ever see another sunny day. Even in this day and age that seems a bit mean and if you compare the council’s attitude to staff wellbeing with their own extravagant partying their innate greed and contempt for everyone else becomes all the more apparent.

When that news was repeated in front of the Tesco people they remarked that in all their meetings in Bexley’s Civic Office, they were never offered so much as a cup of coffee, let alone a sandwich.

If you can’t get along to the central library tomorrow, take a look at


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