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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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6 September (Part 2) - Obscene blog. Cover up continues

It didn’t take long for the police to take their next step toward a total clamp down on information about the crime committed by someone connected to Bexley council. They rejected the Freedom of Information request I submitted last Friday claiming I was seeking personal information. I was not. The FOI asked four questions which I have resubmitted as separate FOIs, perhaps that will reveal which of them seeks personal information. After a suitable introduction the information requested is…

• The date on which Google was contacted and whether they responded.
• The date on which a copy of Bexley council's Apache or Windows server logs was taken, the dates those logs spanned and the rank and qualifications of the Data Specialist which the police claim to have used.
• The audit schedule of all Bexley council's computers (desktop machines, laptops and mobile devices) belonging to staff, councillors (names not required) and in libraries that were audited [as the police have claimed they were], including the date of each audit and the nature of each audit.
• Confirmation that Bexley council staff were interviewed and the rank of the police officer involved and whether the interview provided useful information.

The suspicion must be that Bexleyheath police did nothing to investigate the crime reported on 9th June  and are intent on protecting their paymasters. I fear the day I may have to use the word corruption in connection with Bexleyheath police must be fast approaching.


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