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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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5 September - Site maintenance

I have been using the quiet period created by Bexley councillors having almost shut up shop to do some maintenance on the site. There were too many links to pages at Bexley council that have been broken because the pages there were removed and the list of links to other local sites required an overhaul. As part of that they have been brought together under a single menu instead of being spread across several. Now it is done I’m not sure it is all to the good and may need further adjustments. While checking the links I noticed that The Bexley Chronicle series of newspapers has restored its archive of old issues for which I am very grateful. Thanks Bob. Check them out via the new Links menu above.

Following a comment from a reader who asked why some text is in red I should perhaps issue a reminder that it indicates a link to another relevant part of the site. Hover the mouse pointer over it for an explanation of where the link will take you. Most often they will be to older blogs on the same subject but sometimes more detail on the current one.


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