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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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31 October (Part 2) - Plod. Still protecting their friends

Harassment letterA lot has happened since Bexley council put this website on the map by reporting me to the police for harassment. The police didn't bother to date the letter (or sign it for that matter) and it is more than six months since the postman knocked on my door. I asked Bexleyheath police how I was harassing Bexley council and who in particular but they declined to answer.

Bexley council were asked under Freedom of Information legislation who made the complaint but once again they preferred to break the law and not answer. The Information Commissioner eventually leant on them hard enough for it to be revealed that Chief Executive Will Tuckley did it.

Long before that I discovered that the policeman who issued the letter was Detective Inspector Keith Marshall and it was he who was refusing to provide any information to assist me in deciding whether I should change tack or not; so I complained about him to the Director of Professional Standards (DPS). On 20th April I wrote “My complaint against DI Keith Marshall is that he has clearly not researched what is on my blog and gives the strong impression he has merely taken the word of one of his friends on the council. He is refusing to say who made the complaint or (except via my MP) give any clue as to what my offence may be. Without that information I can do nothing to modify my web activities but he threatens me with arrest if I do not do so”.

Following that I heard nothing. I phoned the DPS twice to enquire about the lack of progress but on both occasions received an apology that Bexleyheath police were refusing to reply to their emails. After a while I forgot all about it. Meanwhile I was shown some correspondence which said I had been threatened with arrest because I had “written something that amounts to a threat to an individual’s personal safety”. I knew I hadn’t and if DI Marshall believed I had it must be because Will Tuckley misinformed him or someone in the police was desperate to find a good excuse. Certainly the police could not have read the the blog.

And now the postman has knocked again; the DPS has replied to my complaint. They’ve dismissed it of course, but their excuse is risible. The complaint is dismissed because although “I do not doubt what you told us, there is no independent witness”. So it was my word against a DI? No contest then, policemen are never wrong. But no it wasn’t that at all; believe it or not the DPS in the sixth months they’ve been dealing with my complaint “have been unable to contact DI Keith Marshall”. My complaint has been “referenced” only against the original “allegation of crime” by Will Tuckley, which I’m told, but do not know for sure, was based on untrue stories of violent behaviour. So yet another example of Bexley council and the police being pretty much one and the same organisation with a common agenda based on corruption, dishonesty and incompetence.

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