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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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22 October (Part 2) - Bexley council. A family affair

Marriage recordsWhen I worked for the General Post Office, then part of the Civil Service, if a female member of staff married she had to leave the permanent payroll. Later when the rules were relaxed after the Sex Discrimination Act was passed in 1975, if an office romance blossomed the couple concerned would be dispersed to different departments. I personally arranged a few such ‘redeployments’. It was natural, it is what any professional would expect in a professional organisation. Bexley council however does not conduct itself in a professional manner.

I was criticized on Bexley’s obscene blog for trawling around genealogy websites but as far as I know there is no law against it even in Bexley where the police operate under ‘funny’ rules. So I just happened to stumble across the interesting entry shown to the left. It shows a Peter Ellershaw marrying Antonia Ainge in May 2005. Both names sounded familiar and so they should, both appear on the same page of Bexley council’s website. Antonia Ainge reports directly to Peter Ellershaw, Director of Bexley council’s Environment & Wellbeing department. Is it a coincidence? Enquiries to a usually reliable source say not and as the names could not be described as common I think you will agree the relationship looks more than likely.

How are Antonia Ainge’s reports and recommendations to be fairly judged by her boss? Who is responsible for her appraisal?

A couple of weeks ago Toni Ainge was nominated for the Local Government Chronicle’s ‘Rising Stars’ award. I wonder who nominated her for that?

No matter what council stone is turned in Bexley a bad smell is almost guaranteed.

The image shown here is an edited composite of the original website screen grabs. Click it to view the originals.


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