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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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19 October (Part 2) - Opaque Bexley

Pickles and O'NeillFour weeks ago, the Bexley Council Monitoring Group got themselves all over the local papers because of Bexley council’s idiotic announcement that they would disregard their own rules and refuse to accept a petition of 2,000 signatures because they didn’t like the subject matter. Since then their decision has been reported by Daniel Hannan MEP on his Direct Democracy website.

The same day that the BCMG appeared in the newspapers I sent an email to Eric Pickles drawing his attention to Bexley council’s antics and asking for comment for the blog. Yesterday I received a reply. He has referred me to Bexley council’s policy on petitions and appears to naively believe that Bexley council will stick to their own rules or follow his recommendations and guidance. They have a 100% track record of ignoring him so far.


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