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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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17 October (Part 1) - Reading between the loynes

Web statistics
Studying web statistics can become addictive. These were the top searches on Google that led to between midnight and 6 a.m. yesterday morning (Sunday). Alarmingly there were several singleton enquiries all based on the words murder, Bexley and the date of 16th October. Sadly those searchers obviously knew of the events in Bexley village overnight. (Three men were arrested yesterday evening. (Source : BBC News. At the time of writing this is not covered by the local press.)

But what's with all this interest in Chris Loynes? It started on 25th September and there have been between four and a dozen such enquiries every day since then. Why should a little known local government officer be the subject of so much interest?

Over the same period there have been even more searches for “Eva Read Bexley” which is even more surprising.

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