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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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9 October (Part 1) - Danson Festival

Danson Festival logoThe Danson Festival was discussed in council committee last Thursday. Much of the agenda was taken up with a list of the entertainments on offer, the record visitor numbers and the amount of advertising needed to attract 70,000 plus visitors.

The agenda is rather reticent about the costs; it mentions that the advertising was obtained at below normal rates and that Cory Environmental Trust’s sponsorship and cost reduction measures together brought in £28,000 but that a shortfall of £32,000 will have to be met from efficiencies elsewhere. It looks as though the fun and games comes at a high price. Although the council’s agenda dodged the issue it is known that the management company, Richmond Event Management, put in a bill for £118,000. The local press at the time reported that the rubbish clear up afterwards wasn’t all it might have been and the council committee heard that 0·94 tonnes of paper and cardboard, 0·86 tonnes of plastics and cans and 0·4 tonnes of glass was collected and sent for recycling; so a useful £63 will have been made from the litter left behind. (Using the council’s figures).


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