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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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25 November (Part 3) - Just a family affair

Ellershaw and Ainge marriedAfter it was revealed that Bexley’s Director of Environment, Peter Ellershaw, and his Deputy Director Antonia Ainge were married to each other, a few questions were asked. I have difficulty understanding why the situation is allowed, no reputable company would tolerate it, and how does it affect the usual work related things like annual leave - do they go on holiday separately to ensure there is always someone there to keep things ticking over - and appraisals and career path and proper scrutiny of decisions? However it seems that all is well because Chief Executive Will Tuckley approves. He has “arrangements” in place to “ensure objectivity in key matters enabling appropriate supervision and control”.

When asked what qualifications Mrs. Ellershaw had to justify her appointment Bexley council declined to say except that councillors were “wholly satisfied she met the requirements of the post”. Why the secrecy? Are we not allowed to know if the Deputy Director of Leisure, Arts and Tourism has any professionally recognised expertise in those areas?

If Bexley council and its top brass wishes to avoid accusation of nest feathering and nepotism they will have to do a bit better than hide under the duvet.


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