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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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23 November (Part 1) - Livingstone lays into Bexley council. Craske lies about Bexley council

I was tipped off by Notomob yesterday that Ken Livingstone was very critical of Bexley council’s unfair and spiteful anti-motorist regime during his visit on Monday. It was the Bonkers report on the situation at SETyres in Blackfen that brought Notomob to our streets and since then we have seen Bexley’s refusal to clarify the confusing (and much criticised by the parking adjudicator) disabled minibuses only signs from the Bowling Centre car park or to provide clear instructions in those roads where on pavement parking is allowed. Again the subject of parking adjudicator criticism. Apparently councillor Craske has responded to Mr. Livingstone’s comments. According to Craske in the News Shopper…

• Bexley is issuing fewer parking fines than when Labour was in power here. Presumably it is because revenue is down as motorists comply with the regulations that Craske is having to resort to underhand tactics and the deliberate (and admitted by his Parking Manager) flouting of the London wide code of practice on the use of mobile CCTV.

• “Bexley car parking charges are the lowest in SE London”, which we all know is an outrageous lie.

• “Tories in Bexley have frozen council tax in the past two years.” That is another outrageous lie, Bexley council has frozen tax only for the current year and that was only because the government grant was arranged in such a way it was near impossible to do otherwise. This is the second time recently that Bexley council has tried to change history by claiming it has frozen its very high level of tax for two years. Who does Craske think he is? Joseph Goebbels?


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