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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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21 November (Part 1) - Bexley Community Policing Engagement Group

BCPEGThere is to be a meeting of the Bexley Community Policing Engagement Group at the Civic Centre at 7 p.m this evening. Their poster says “Have your say regarding issues of crime”. If I were to attend I would like to ask…

• When the Chief Executive of Bexley council makes a false allegation against a resident (posting blogs on Bexley is Bonkers when he most certainly did not), why did Bexleyheath police accept that complaint and without any check whatsoever threaten that resident and the blogger with arrest?

• When a Bexley councillor and magistrate makes a mistaken or false allegation of a crime, why did Bexleyheath police fail to carry out even the most rudimentary of checks before charging the falsely accused resident?

• When Bexley council commits a serious crime against a resident, why did Bexleyheath police dismiss it as a “counter-allegation”, fail to investigate it, continue to inform the victims and their MPs that the investigation was thorough and ongoing long after it had ceased and pronounce any enquiry into Bexley council’s crime to be “Not in the public interest”?

• Is Bexleyheath police under Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer fundamentally corrupt?


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