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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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13 November (Part 1) - Pouring petrol on the flaming torches

It has become traditional, if that is a word that can be applied to a two year old blog, that at the weekend Bonkers is allowed to go off the boil a bit and flirt with frivolity, but after a week like the last one it might be something of an anti-climax if Olly Cromwell doesn’t get a mention.

One of the things that caused Olly to be arrested; a signed statement which reads “It [The Twitter post] was also urging people to put dog faeces through my letter box” can be explained. Councillor Sandra Bauer told Seymour that. She is not a regular user of Social Networking and made 5 from two 2s when she read “Feel free to post him actual s··t”. Leaving aside the fact Olly didn’t give an address (Seymour and Bexley council had already done that complete with map) she fails to see that ‘post’ is the act of putting pictures and words on the net, and ‘actual s··t’ is simply ‘stuff’, probably highly critical stuff it is true, but not what Sandra’s over active mind invented.

I won’t be dwelling too much on Sandra Bauer’s big mistake, s··t happens, but I doubt Olly will feel so charitable. What really puzzles Olly is something else, a reference to using petrol. He has no idea where that came from, neither had I, although it sounded vaguely familiar.

Probably I will live to regret posting (careful Sandra, don’t get your knickers in a twist yet) that picture of myself last weekend because since then I have been recognised by three people, all ladies which is nice, as if I was some Z list celebrity. Yesterday’s one opined that the Olly case was a farce and who would disagree but it is just about to become even more of a farce. Olly can go back to bed for his Sunday lie in because I have found the source of the petrol comment. Definitely not Olly. Call me as a witness Olly, it should be a fun day.

Thank you to everyone who emailed to tell me the source of the pitchforks and flaming torches metaphor. Sorry, my tongue was firmly in my cheek when I said I couldn’t remember where the quote came from. I drained the colour from the screen grab in a lame attempt to inhibit recognition but you were all far too clever for me. I spoke to the author last Monday to tip him off. With only a reference to petrol today even Google might let you down when searching for that one.

The relatively frivolous stuff will be coming later.


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