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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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11 November (Part 3) - Like an open book

Bexley council has as you know withdrawn its endorsement of ‘Melvyn (sic) Seymour Decorative Services’ from the Trader Register website to try to hide the fact that it wasn’t a blogger that revealed his address after all, not that Olly actually did, that seems to be a total fabrication. However someone may have forgotten that the ‘advert’ was placed on the Greenwich section of Trader Register too. No blatant Bexley council endorsement there, no Bexley logo, no fatuous slogan so it is probably all legit, but it’s a strange thing to do if you want to keep your address under wraps. Putting it on a website called ‘Public Access’ seems somewhat ironic too.

You can get a PDF version of the Greenwich Trader Register. (See Page 2.) It has Seymour’s mobile number on that as well as his landline. If you really must have the Bexley PDF, it’s not been withdrawn, it’s still here. Everything copied in case of withdrawal obviously.


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