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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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10 November (Part 2) - Olly Cromwell - Bang! Bang!

Cigarette lighter gunOlly has had a death threat. Bang! Bang! it ended, he showed it to me.

It did not go unnoticed that it actually threatened Ollie. Bexley council refers to Olly as Ollie. The incompetent Chief Inspector Gowen of Bexleyheath police’s Professional Standards Unit referred to Ollie when he told all and sundry that Bexley is Bonkers was being prosecuted - he’s still not responded to my request that he owns up to his mistake and say “sorry”, so off to the Directorate of Professional Standards I have to go again. His department operates under an obligation to behave as any reasonable individual would expect, I know because it wrote to tell me so. So why can’t the incompetent CI say one simple word? Anyway, back to the main point. Is it coincidence that only Bexley council and Bexleyheath police refer to Olly as Ollie and that is how the death threat comes spelt?

Olly tells me he no longer lives in Glebelands, couldn’t stand the neighbours I suppose, and he has gone to live with a Harlot. No, that can't be right; what was it now? An Essex girl perhaps? No, I remember now, he has gone to live in Harlow, Essex.

Promise me Olly that you will never walk the streets with a table leg under your arm, light your fags with a lighter shaped like a gun, or run down the escalator at Stockwell and jump on the Victoria Line to work.


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