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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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9 November (Part 2) - Decorator whitewashed out of existence

I returned from a trip to the relative sanity of Newham and Waltham Forest late last night to find 53 Bonkers related emails in my Inbox. Seven of them told me that the page at on which Bexley council endorsed the decorating business run by councillor Melvin Seymour had been removed - and they like to make out they never read this blog! Never mind, we know that they try to hide their misjudgments and I always take a screen shot. For those who missed it here is the vital part of the page stored for posterity, and probably used against them when Bexley council deny it ever existed on their Freedom of Information response.

Part of Seymour’s case against Olly is that he is alleged to have revealed Seymour’s address into the public domain. Sorry Melvin, you did that when you stood as a councillor, entered it on the Register of Members’ Interests and had it placed on the Bexley council sponsored advert. Incidentally, I know of someone who tried to book an appointment to view the Register yesterday and was told Bexley didn’t keep one. Well it was an untidy and in some respects incomplete document when I looked at it on 20th May but it did exist and I still have my handwritten partial copy of it.

It’s amazing how much interest there is in Bexley council at the moment. Within half an hour of posting the earlier comments about Teresa O’Neill someone wrote in with the opinion that Ms. O’Neill would probably have been absolutely livid about the obscene blog. I’m sure she would be, I do not believe she is a person to indulge in such behaviour, but the strange coincidence remains, that within hours of her being made aware of its existence the hate blog disappeared, having existed for two whole weeks beforehand. She may well be livid but there has been no cooperation with the police and no cooperation with the victims. It is not what is expected of a decent person, let alone Boris Johnson’s protégé. Hmm, on reflection some people might disagree with that. Shades of Ian Clement and all that.


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