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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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28 May (Part 1) - Another council plot

A Mr. Johnson from from one of the allotment societies rang me yesterday; he hasn’t got a computer so news of the Harassment Letter that Bexley council persuaded the police to send me had only just reached him. He told me that he had been threatened by Bexley council too, not through the police but by Bexley’s legal department. He has received a letter signed by Mr. Guy Atkins, the man who unsuccessfully represented Bexley council at the Thames Innovation Centre Industrial Tribunal hearing, telling him that he is forbidden to represent fellow allotment holders at a meeting next Wednesday to discuss the future of Bexley’s allotments. Mr. Atkins says that the allotment man is banned from council premises because of his “behaviour”. Mr. Atkins has refused to explain what he means by that and the allotment holders will have to field another representative on Wednesday; a lady who lives in Lewisham. Bexley council is happy with that, the future of allotments is to be debated with someone from outside the borough!

Mr. Johnson has complained to his councillor, Gareth Bacon, but did not get any useful information from him. I suggested to Mr. Johnson that if Bexley council refuses to say why they have imposed a ban on him going to the Civic Offices - the unqualified catch-all of “behaviour” is not good enough - he issues a Subject Access Request to put them under some legal obligation to provide useful information. Democracy appears to be dead in Bexley, they discuss important matters with Lewisham residents on an unexplained whim.


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