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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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23 May (Part 3) - A twisted conspiracy question. Read all about it

Tweet by Philip David ReadThe inimitable Olly Cromwell has been at war with councillor Philip David Read for the last couple of months. Read is the idiot who thought cyber-squatting on was a good move and the unscrupulous political manipulator who made false allegations against Teresa Pearce MP in an untruthful letter to the News Shopper.

Read can’t resist taunting Olly on Twitter and further criticising Ms. Pearce; criticism which she has again shown to be false. Olly is convinced that Read has used someone within the council to discover his real name and address.

Reading through Olly’s blog for the second time I noted that “Read is married to Eva”, a fact extracted from the council’s website and that rang a bell. The lady whose job it is to accept or reject questions to the council is Eva Read; I wonder; could it be? What does the web reveal?

Not quite enough as it happens. A Philip D. Read married Janet Smith in Bexley in 1970 but Philip says he is married to Eva. Moving on to 1981 we have a Philip D. Read marrying Eva C. Laserna in Lambeth. Could be; nothing’s certain. What is needed is someone in the know to spill the beans - or deny it. This is more Olly’s territory than mine, but given Bexley council’s reputation for rejecting questions when it can you can’t entirely discount that they have a friendly interpreter of the rules in an important position.

If councillor Read believes that bloggers scrutinising Bexley council are bitter and twisted he only illustrates how little he knows. Probably if he saw my steadily increasing contacts list he would say that all of Bexley is bitter and twisted. Not quite right Philip, residents may be bitter but it’s the council that is twisted.


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