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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog May 2011

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Old Farm

20 May (Part 1) - Dirty tricks?

I have been warned a few times that sooner or later Bexley council will retaliate against my attempt to expose their shortcomings. “Strange and unexplained disasters will affect your life, disasters that you won’t even associate with the council” was what one of Bexley’s victims wrote. I don’t really believe it but then I wouldn’t have believed that Bexley council would go to the police about me publishing what is in effect news about Bexley council, nor send in the cops to see off a man guilty of standing on the pavement. So I am a little wary of what a council with much to hide might do, but it’s not something I often think about.

One thing I do watch out for is dustbin security; with Stalinist tyrants like councillor Tarrant around and unlockable bins you can’t be too careful. Around 8:30 last night I put out my green bin, it contained one of those charity bag/sacks and one Tesco bag both filled only with things that can’t be recycled. As I have a new neighbour since last weekend who had more rubbish than bin space I allowed her to add a black sack of old baby clothes to my bin. At 6:50 this morning I checked the contents of the bin as I always do on my way out and it was empty. No other bin had been emptied but everything in mine was gone. I’m not particularly worried by it, maybe my stolen rubbish will be found by councillor Tarrant but it won’t have my name in it. I am meticulous about not putting identifiable material in any bin but I do wonder who would want to steal the contents. In case it is Tarrant who finds it I’ll give him a clue; the charity sack had ‘Scope’ written on it.


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