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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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15 May (Part 1) - If at first you don’t succeed - click any image for photo gallery (2 images)

Ruts at Ruxley Ruts at RuxleyThe roundabout at the southern end of North Cray Road (Ruxley corner) is not a good example of Bexley’s road planning skills; what is? In order to give themselves something to do someone at Bexley council decided to redesign a roundabout that councillor Craske said in an email to an enquirer had never been the scene of a serious accident. The following links show the various stages of disruption and cock-up

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Roads Report

If you read the history of the appalling waste of money at Ruxley corner you will see that a perfectly good roundabout was re-engineered to make it impossible for large vehicles to negotiate without going right around it so as to approach the exit from a different direction. Then instead of rebuilding the mess properly stubbornness has dictated an unsatisfactory compromise. Large vehicles still can’t get around the tight corner and have to mount a double height kerb. Responsible councils design roads with the aid of software into which you enter junction dimensions and it tells you if large vehicles can manage it. As far as I know you can’t enter vindictiveness and spite into the program so it wouldn’t suit Bexley council.

Always remember that it is councillor Craske who signs off these road schemes, the same man who lies to the public at council meetings. No £4m. contract. FOIs cost more than parking enforcement. Quoting the results of a survey of which council officers have no knowledge. Need I go on?


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