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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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29 March - It’s not only councillors who lie - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Wilton Road parking suspensionLast January Bexley council suspended all their parking bays in Wilton Road, Abbey Wood because of gas main works (you can just see a yellow prohibition notice behind the red van) but the work only affected the other side of the road - which is in Greenwich. For about three weeks Bexley council ticketed cars parked in the suspended bays even though there was no reason whatsoever for those bays to be suspended. After taking the photos I latched on to the tail end of an argument between one of the local shopkeepers and a member of Craske’s gestapo team. It ended with the parking attendant threatening that he would “get” the shopkeeper.

Fast forward to 8th March. The shop owner, seeing me pass by, left his premises to ask if I remembered the threat made in January and told me that on the previous day he had returned from doing a delivery and parked near his shop and very soon someone alerted him to the gestapo apparently giving him a parking ticket. He rushed outside to speak to the parking attendant but was told (before several witnesses) that no ticket had been issued as the vehicle was not illegally parked. He was nevertheless worried so I suggested he rang the council to see if there was a penalty pending. He was told there was none.

On 27th March a penalty charge notice was received in the post for exceeding the one hour time limit on 7th March. It was cunningly and presumably dishonestly dated 21st March so as to just fall inside the 14 day time limit. So not only do councillors regularly lie at public meetings, so do parking attendants on the street.


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