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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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21 March (Part 2) - Thames Innovation Centre (TIC)

My contributors are still digging into the TIC accounts to see if the mess it is in is all Labour’s fault.

The director took home £42,400 and Bexley council has pumped in £221,961, £218,821, £670,381 and £185,515 over the four years, 2010 back to 2007; by being a customer at its own shop! I expect the same will have happened this year so council leader Teresa O’Neill can claim it has made a profit.

What sort of success is pouring in one and a quarter million in purchased services, nearly half a million of interest free loans, rent written off and more generosity too tedious to list? With what result? A loss of another half million (nearly) over the same four years. How is Labour to blame for that? It may be Brownite economics but it is Bexley’s Tories what did it!


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