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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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18 March (Part 3) - Thames Innovation Centre. Blame this money pit on Labour; well maybe not

“The encouraging start was followed by the Fat Controller (FC) flinging insults at the Labour opposition”; a quote from the blog of 10 March. Lashing out at Labour has become normal behaviour for Teresa O’Neill, the council leader; she is a political animal with aspirations to climbing the political hierarchy via Boris Johnson’s patronage and Bexley residents are of little interest to her. When questioned this week about the Thames Innovation Centre (TIC) (which would be bankrupt if the council wasn’t both owner and client) she said “If you research the Thames Innovation Centre you will find that we actually inherited it when we took control from the Labour administration in 2006”. True enough but the TIC had only opened four months earlier and whilst I accept that the Conservatives may not have been at all keen on it they have had five years to sort it out but their management skills have deserted them.

When this was put to the Fat Controller she declined to answer.

The TIC lost its high-flying Executive Director in dubious circumstances and its manager to a police cell and all the while poured in our money in a way that would make any private enterprise green with envy - and still it makes a loss.

The allegations of bribery, theft, falsification of papers and general skullduggery which have been leaked in my direction this week defy description and I don’t think I can possibly reveal detail at this stage. I suspect we will see a repeat of the instruction that went out at the end of the Ian Clement affair to the effect of ‘better hide this from the auditor’.


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