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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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18 March (Part 1) - Twank is a Twonk - (Google it!)

Yesterday’s Bexley Times was not up to Shopper standards in its report on last week’s council meeting; maybe that is because it didn’t obviously have a reporter there. However on an inside page it reported the use of the T word against a Labour councillor and the fact that it went unchallenged by mayor Twankey. To me the latter was by far the most important story even though it may not be so immediately eye-catching as a rude word. The fact we have a councillor who said something he regrets and has apologised for is one thing, but on the other hand we have a mayor who is clearly not up to the job of chairing anything. Instead of recognising her shortcomings she is so full of herself that she penned a message to a member of the public to tell him to mug up on chairmanship with a book before complaining about her performance again. Unknown to Twankey the complainer is very familiar with the book which Twankey doesn’t seem to have read at all. The mayor is an ass and seems to be intent on proving it beyond doubt.

Unlike the unfortunate councillor who is pilloried by the press for an out of character remark, the chairman mayor encourages bad behaviour by her Conservative cronies through her long term failure to control it. Her presence is driving away any semblance of professionalism in the council chamber.

Question to Craske… “Given that the Borough Parking Control Account has provided a surplus every year since 2006-7, and since that time has provided £2,899,000 of support to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy across the Borough please can the Councillor explain to me why he felt that this analysis of his own accounts [the need for a price rise] was justified.”

Answer… “Strategy 2014 [the cuts document] clearly stated that the Council would now be seeking full cost recovery for all non essential discretionary services and that it would no longer keep such costs artificially low.”

Lord Citrine in Twankey’s bible on chairmanship… “Our Chairman must be on the look-out for gentlemen, who, with their heads full of some subject, however remote, are determined to get it into the discussion”.

If Twankey is as good a chairman as she tells people she is, why wasn’t TLC pulled up on that little diversionary tactic?


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