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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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16 March (Part 3) - The Thames Innovation Centre (TIC) - and other dens of iniquity

The records of TIC’s Annual General Meetings filed at Companies House make interesting reading. If you look at their website you will find this…

The TIC is wholly-owned by the LB of Bexley, in the heart of the Thames Gateway:

• 1 min from the 180, 401 bus routes
• 10 mins from Belvedere overground train station
• 15 mins from junction 1a of the M25
• 30 mins from London Bridge
• 30 mins from Ebbsfleet International Eurostar Station

It couldn’t be in a better position!

Like so much about Bexley council it is a half-truth or worse. The AGM for 2009/10 says in pushing the case for more car parking spaces that “Green Travel Plans are not favoured because of the poor transport links”. The same AGM records that Derek Harris the Chairman had taken on the role of the Executive Director who had “departed”. This neatly masked the loss of Lesley Anne Rubenstein who had gone following the appointment of Richard Edwards, now awaiting trial at Woolwich Crown Court, as manager. He didn’t get on with his Executive Director and resigned saying it was either she goes or I go. Why Edwards couldn’t be allowed to leave the TIC I have no idea but presumably he had a hold over someone just as he appears to have had when the whistleblower was sacked last autumn and suspicions of paedophilia were aroused. But whatever the reason it was Edwards who was kept on and Lesley Rubenstein who got the elbow. Bexley backed the wrong horse and their choice is about to embarrass them on the grand scale. There must be a reason for so many wrong decisions. Is it sheer incompetence or something more sinister?

Leaks from the TIC seem to be encouraging more leaks. The Adult Education College, another of Bexley’s business ventures, is reported to be another hotbed of funny goings on. Junior staff cut, senior staff promoted and extra ones taken on. Nepotism and greed. Where will it end? More leaks gratefully received.

‘Green Travel Plan’ (from a government website) : Where an employer helps employees to get to and from work, such as by providing petrol or season tickets, free or subsidised work buses, subsidies to public bus services cycles and safety equipment made available for employees.
With acknowledgements to You’ve Been Cromwelled.


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