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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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12 March (Part 2) - The police state of Bexley

It has been confirmed that by some miracle my count of 27 policeman bent on assisting Bexley council defy government policy last Wednesday was correct. In addition there was a large number of bouncers that the council had spent your money on. The cost of that operation will presumably find its way into the list of expenditure over £500 that the government has forced Bexley to publish, albeit a couple of months after the event. In an effort to save you the wait, one my followers, acting independently, Olly of Crayford has submitted the following Freedom of Information request…

On the 9th March 2011 the council employed the services of a security company for the duration of the budget meeting.

a) What was the name of the security company who was employed by the council?
b) Did the council put a tender out for these services?
c) How much did the council spend on bringing in additional security staff?
d) Were all security staff SIA registered as required by law?
e) What measures did the council take to ensure that employees of said security company were indeed SIA registered?
f) Who authorised this expenditure? Please also provide invoices to substantiate.
g) Do any council employees have any vested interests in this company?

Thank you Olly, I can’t do everything myself.


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