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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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11 March (Part 5) - Some lighter stuff

Let’s get away from Bexley’s mad scramble to restrict civic rights for a moment and take a look at something I regard as just an oversight; I hope I am not being too generous. It concerns the Arts Council website which councillor John Davey has done quite a nice job on and paid for it too. He had a silly run-in with the Bexleyheath Chronicle’s letter pages after putting political links on its front page which you can read about here if you feel the need; but he apparently came to his senses and quietly removed the political links only a day or two after they were defended at last week’s council meeting.

If you take a look at his site (Google Arts Council of Bexley - I’m not going to give him a link and further boost his search engine ratings - and then add ETCA/councilelections.html behind the final of the web address you will discover all sorts of political stuff remains on the Arts Council website. I can’t find a link to it from the main pages and as Mr. Davey pays to store those pages there I can’t see any harm in it. From what I have read it is all hopelessly out of date electoral statistics and it bears last year’s copyright date. Compared to the threat of arrest for trying to follow government guidelines it’s pretty small beer. Fun and games coming with Twankey though, that will be more fun.

Since I do not feel well disposed to the police today I shall in an act of pure self indulgence refer you to You may recognise the style of the website. Daniel Morgan was part of my extended family and until recent years the Metropolitan Police were as bent as you could possibly imagine about the investigation of his murder. It is pretty much certain that one of their officers was very closely involved.


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