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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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11 March (Part 4) - The police state of Bexley

This has been a rather mundane day for blogs. This morning and this afternoon I have requested some accommodation for myself who regularly a carries a camera around town and may end up at a council meeting with no interest in taking photos of it. I am hopeful of getting a resolution to that rather small ambition. Anything greater such as the videoing of a complete meeting as another of my associates was allowed to do at Westminster earlier this week will probably have to wait until the Parliamentary Under Secretary exerts more pressure or the mayor and leader come to their senses. Of the former I am not hopeful. She has again been stupid enough to send a condescending letter to a resident that is going to rebound on her big time. I can hardly wait; hoist with her own petard. I think I will let her stew a while. What do you reckon, 24 hours or 48?


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