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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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11 March (Part 3) - Fishing trips

I don’t know why they bother, my name and phone number is on the site, I’m almost the last person that remains in an ever thinner phone book and if that doesn’t work those who are even slightly net savvy can find my address on WHOIS. I don’t make much of an attempt to hide myself. Very occasionally a councillor emails me and we have a civilised exchange of information - never views for some odd reason. So why do they try thinly disguised fishing trips?

I had one yesterday which suggested I was a journalist by profession. Is that a compliment? I told him I worked for BT until retirement and scraped an O Level GCE English pass in 1959. We swapped a few innocuous emails and then I quoted from an ex-councillor’s communication which said some councillors were ‘scared shitless’ and let him know I knew who he was. Didn’t hear a thing after that. I think I can use the phrase ‘scared shitless’ now that mayor Twankey has approved the use of the word “tosser” in the council chamber can’t I?


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