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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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10 March (Part 1) - War & Peace - click any image for photo gallery (6 images)

Bus stop coppers Protest group Protest groupI jumped off the 229 bus outside the Civic Centre at 6:45 last night into the arms of two policemen, well very nearly, and then spotted two more at the bus stop opposite. After explaining to a couple pushing a buggie that there was no impending royal visit, I arrived at the entrance to the cesspit of local government, Bexley’s Civic Centre. The doors were closed and I counted 12 policemen at the entrance. All this because one man had said he wanted to exercise his democratic right and video the proceedings. The government says he should be welcomed (read their letter to the Fat Controller (FC)) but in Bexley because deep corruption needs to be covered up they think otherwise. The council had even gone to the trouble of having a new leaflet printed at your expense which says you can’t record Widow Twankey and her Forty Thieves at a public meeting, contrary to guidance.

Resident excludedAs well as the police presence (I later counted 18 at the front, three inside and six in the car park but not all at the same time so the total number may be lower than 27) there were a dozen or more hired-in heavily tattooed skin-heads and several female versions thereof (who had spent too much of their spare time in McDonalds) with instructions to restrict movement. I was prevented from addressing a councillor by one of them on my way out. It was the most disgraceful sight I have ever seen, all because the top brass among our councillors are scared witless that their long history of abuse of the local population is, thanks to technology and a government with a more liberal approach to democracy than the last one, being ruthlessly exposed. I am beginning to realise now why this government called a conference of site owners who had councils in their sights last September. Obviously they are aware that local councils include far too many ne’er do wells, incompetents and half-wits who don’t know when it is inappropriate for them to keep their silly mouths shut.

This was the night that Bexley council declared war on its citizens. So far today I have heard of two letters of complaint to Under Secretary of State, Bob Neill and one move to pursue a libel case against Twankey. I know no details of the latter but if there are developments you know where they will appear first.

The peaceful protests pictured were by parents concerned at the withdrawal of various care facilities for their disabled children and by the Bexley Council for Equality and Diversity which was awarded an honour at last week’s chaotic awards ceremony.

Those new to terms such as FC and Twankey should note that an explanation is generally available when placing the mouse pointer over the appropriate word. Click on it if it fails to show immediately.


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