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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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2 March (Part 3) - Taylor and Craske. Thick as thieves

In the final paragraph of the blog of 26 January I mentioned that the purple pygmy had opposed a London-wide increase of £10 in the cost of parking fines and wondered how that fitted in with his policies locally. Several people said I was being naive and had swallowed his dishonest posturing whole. They said that with a Labour majority in London as a whole there was no chance Craske’s vote could do anything so he could, so to speak, have his cake and eat it. I supposed they were right. It was good headlines coupled with more profit for his parking scams.

Now I feel even more stupid. Buried away in the cabinet proposals document I obtained last Monday evening is the following statement. “Review penalty charge notice (PCN) banding to include other town centres as Band A, not just Bexleyheath. Currently other town centres (Welling, Sidcup, Bexley) are at the lower band and the PCN fees are also therefore lower.” What more proof could there be that Craske is a two-faced devious liar? He voted to keep fines down where he knew he could have no effect but is proposing they be increased locally. I’ll say it again, Craske is a two-faced liar and the most obnoxious example of humanity I have ever come across.

I’ve not finished yet…

In the documentation for this evening’s full council meeting is the following question from “Councillor Chris Taylor to Councillor Peter Craske, Cabinet Member for Transport: Could the Cabinet Member confirm how he voted at the London Councils Transport and Environment Committee on 9th December in relation to the proposals put forward by the Labour Party to increase parking fines by £10 and to set a £200 fine for the Olympic Route Network?”

Is councillor Chris Taylor(Colyers ward, £9.543) so utterly stupid that he thinks his ridiculous bit of arse-crawling won’t be exposed?. Chris; just because you look like a junior member of the Young Conservatives Club doesn’t mean you have to act like a schoolboy creeping up to his teacher with a highly polished apple. Treating the electors as fools is sheer stupidity in the age of the internet. You can’t confine your idiocies to the council chamber now.


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