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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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24 June (Part 1) - Now we are famous

As the Bonkers team emerged from the Civic Centre last night and headed off towards Sainsbury’s car park - we are not going to pay the council’s inflated fees - a man standing on the corner of Highland Road asked if we were councillors. “No” we said and walked on. "Then are you the Bonkers crew?” he asked, which caused us to pause and listen to what he had to say. “I read Bonkers every day, if it really is you can you get them to fix this railing? It’s only been here two weeks and its falling over already. Not concreted in properly.” So we said we would mention it, hence these few words, and also to prove to the man on the corner of Highland Road that we were not fibbing, it really was us. Now that he knows we weren’t fibbing he can also be even more sure we aren’t councillors.

NB. I had fallen behind other members of the team and so these words are second hand and may not be word perfect.


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