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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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10 June (Part 2) - Apparently it’s a crime

It was Elwyn Bryant and I who were most heavily featured in that notorious blog and as you now know, we went to the police about it last Wednesday. However Nicholas Dowling who has pursued the council on several points, notably their failure to justify the near tripling of the cost of residents’ parking permits, also had his good name besmirched. Whilst Elwyn and I were still debating our options right up until last Friday afternoon, Nicholas decided to make a relatively low key enquiry to the council’s IT department via their Contact Centre on Thursday afternoon, the 2nd of June. Having done that he didn’t think it was fair not to await their reply and therefore didn’t complain at a higher level as did Elwyn and myself on 3rd June.

The council‘s published target is to reply to emails within five days but nothing had been heard from IT by this morning. I am not certain if a chaser was sent or not, but Nicholas received a response from the Chief Executive at lunch time. “Given the gravity of the allegations contained in your email, and in view of the apparent criminal nature of this matter, I am of the view that this should more appropriately be considered by the police.”

Well done Nicholas, I have had no response to my letter but it does seem that Mr. Tuckley has accepted that the situation is “grave” and that he is sympathetic to the police’s statement to me that “there was evidence of a crime”. It would be amazing if Mr. Tuckley and Teresa O’Neill do not know exactly who the author of the website is, it was after all removed within hours of them being formally notified of it. I find Mr. Tuckley’s response to Nicholas Dowling reasonable in the circumstances but Nicholas is not pleased that it fails to answer several questions not directly connected to any police enquiry.

The next logical step is that the Chief Executive and council leader O’Neill should answer the obvious question the police must surely pose and maybe come out of this episode with a tiny shred of integrity preserved. However their track record has always been to play a devious game. What will they do now the stakes are raised and the law is involved?


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