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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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3 June (Part 1) - Thames Innovation Centre. More trickery by Bexley council

As reported before, the former Bexley council employee who reported problems at the Thames Innovation Centre (TIC) and was sacked days later has an Industrial Tribunal hearing due at the end of this month. Bexley council has already tried to have it thrown out but failed so now they are making it difficult to get all the necessary evidence. At any trial there has to be ‘full disclosure’ of evidence by both sides. Some of the information supplied by Bexley council has been undated and unsigned. Some of it has been supplied twice and is not the same on both copies. Would they have amended it to suit themselves do you think?

The lack of signature and especially the date on documents could be crucial but when asked to supply them, Bexley’s legal department has claimed that it would require a computer expert and a great deal of expense to discover the date the documents were created and/or amended. I would point out two things. The council and indeed the TIC itself is stuffed full of IT experts and most people can find out all they need to know about a document by right clicking on the file icon, choosing Properties and looking at Details. I’ve just tried that on a document received from Bexley council and it tells me who the author was, who saved it and when it was amended.

Even the legal department believes it can do whatever it likes.


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