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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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1 June (Part 2) - Update on Freedom of Information requests

Of the 25 known FOIs to Bexley council that should have been answered by yesterday or earlier only two were answered within the legal timetable. Six have not been answered at all. Two relate to questions about this website (now more than two weeks overdue) and one to the use of CCTV licensing. Much the same sort of question that Notomob put directly to councillor Craske, the parking manager Tina Brooks and to Chief Executive Will Tuckley. According to Notomob’s website they haven’t had their questions answered either, though they did get one of Bexley’s trademark non-answers.

One bit of good news for Martin Peaple, the Notomob member who was door-stepped by the police at Bexley council’s request, is that we now have it in writing from the council that he did not break any bye-laws. Not so good is that the request for a copy of councillor Sawyer’s Consent to Nomination Form made on 19th April has failed because it had been destroyed. It is illegal to destroy election papers within a year of an election. I suspect this will not be the last we will hear of this one.

Councillor Sawyer you may remember is married to the MP for Witham, Essex and if you can believe their websites lives in both places at once.


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