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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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1 June (Part 1) - Council’s S.W.A.T. team meets

Malcolm Knight aged sixThere was a prediction on Monday and a report yesterday that the council and top brass met on Tuesday to discuss what they can do about this website and they are going to start by trying to find out all about me. I shall point out once again that this website exists on the back of council decisions and councillors’ activities. All I do is report things that hitherto have gone unreported or at least never followed up. The time when a councillor can give a grossly inaccurate account of their lives to a newspaper and expect it to go unchallenged are gone. If they don’t like their dishonesty being made public then stop being dishonest. It’s as simple as that, I don’t invent the stuff.

Setting up a team to persecute a resident who writes what is in effect an on-line news outlet is what one might expect of Bexley council; someone there has already set up a blog to attempt a character assassination which is simply laughable but may indicate their state of mind. The next step after raiding my dustbin for evidence is said to be to find out as much personal information on me as they can gather. It’s a terrible waste of council tax payers’ money so I will attempt to save them a little.

• I was born in September 1943 in London in a house that was demolished by a V1 rocket soon afterwards.
• From age 6 to 41 I lived away from London, then Greenwich until 1987.
• I was educated at a Grammar School and left to work for Prudential Assurance but didn’t like it so left 16 months later for a job in technology.
• I worked on two major computerisation projects from 1968 until 1975 and from then in administration of such projects where I remained until retirement.
• I was married from 1965 to 1986 and have two children one a journalist for a major news outlet.
• The only time I encountered a policeman is when one beat me up in a case of mistaken identity. There are no fines or penalty notices to be traced. I have never had a driving accident or made an insurance claim for anything at all.
• There are no money problems. I have had no mortgage since 1992 but bought some furniture on the never never in 1966. I learned my lesson and never did it again.
• There are no affairs with married women to uncover.

As you can see it is all exceedingly boring and if Bexley council hopes to dig out any scandal they are going to be severely disappointed. They will have to continue to make it up as they have already. See below. I think I shall paste that image into all future months’ blogs to provide a permanent reminder of how Bexley councillors choose to operate.

Note: The image below has been blurred but the original obscene blog is available for the curious. (Password required.)


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