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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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26 July (Part 2) - Teresa goes to Pickles. James gets in a pickle

Teresa Pearce MP James Brokenshire MPAt the council meeting on 13th July the petition presented by Mrs. Joan McCarthy on behalf of FORGE (Friends Of Riverside Gardens Erith) was received with a mixture of boredom and mirth by Bexley councillors. Fortunately Mrs. McCarthy is represented by an MP who takes democracy and preservation of the environment more seriously than Bexley council and she has presented the petition in the House of Commons. Maybe the Communities and Local Government Secretary, Eric Pickles will be more sympathetic but the signs are not good. Mr. Pickles issues guidance but when Bexley council ignores it he looks the other way, but at least Erith has an MP that sticks up for her constituents. Teresa’s plea to Eric Pickles is in the panel below. Petition to Eric Pickles

James Brokenshire statement One of many things I did not like about Teresa’s party in government was the constant assault on personal freedoms so when James Brokenshire and others came out against the DNA database in 2009 I looked forward to some back tracking from the police state being progressively created by Labour Home Secretaries. James still has his statement of 1st November 2009 on his website and an extract from it is provided here. Today’s newspapers tell a very different story about James Brokenshire. They report he has said that the DNA of innocent people is to be retained after all. The proposed system is not entirely without merit but the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights is cast aside in what The Daily Telegraph said is the 14th U-turn by the coalition government.

James Brokenshire lost the trust of many local people when his promises for Queen Mary’s Hospital were over-ruled by the government of which he is a member. History appears to be repeating itself.

Another anti-DNA retention statement by James Brokenshire.


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