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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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23 July - In the news

News Shopper front page, 20th July 2011 Among the six people on the Bonkers team only one has the News Shopper poked through his letterbox every week - and even that one gets missed once in a while - so it may not be old news for everyone to review it here. Last Wednesday the News Shopper headlined how the Post Office has closed a collection box because it cannot get its vans to it without getting a parking ticket from Bexley council. The council denies it and to decide which of the two public bodies concerned is most likely to be untruthful would be difficult. One is the last of the great industrial dinosaurs that offers ever poorer services at ever higher prices run by management on insanely high salaries and the other is; well you get the idea.

Page 3 of the Bexley Times has another Bexley parking story. A 38 year old solicitor left his phone at home and popped back to get it from his wife who was on the pavement to hand it through the window. He was stopped for around ten seconds with a wheel up the kerb to minimise traffic disruption. Result : a £110 fine. Wasn’t there a case only a couple of weeks ago where the adjudicator ruled that Bexley council was prosecuting trivia? The man behind this constant assault on motorists is councillor Peter Craske, he gets some stick from Ana Dakshy in the letters pages of the News Shopper.

Ana is rightly upset at Craske’s inaction over County Gate. She accuses Craske of being more interested in his public image than the people he is supposed to represent, much like councillor Bacon grandstanding at Boris’s meeting by posing easy questions to the Mayor and trying to earn Brownie points. Brownie nose might be more like it.

Councillor Craske attempts to defend himself in another letter to the News Shopper. He doesn’t do too badly until he gets to the penultimate paragraph. “One can only conclude that this is a political decision of a Labour council to stop residents in a Conservative borough from seeing their wishes implemented.” Craske is well known for ending his speeches, filibusters and various diatribes with some ill-thought out retort. Insults to residents, lies to residents and now ridiculous allegations against Greenwich council as a whole. Ana Dakshy makes the point admirably. “The public is not looking for excuses but solutions.” Craske of course is only looking after himself.


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