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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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21 July (Part 1) - Double trouble

Parking restriction for today Parking restriction for todayThe most likely explanation for the confusing parking restriction signs in Abbey Road yesterday is that they were wrongly dated; for the wrecked car was removed some time after 3 p.m. yesterday. However the restriction remains in place with today’s date on it, Bexley council thereby causing twice the inconvenience to motorists than is necessary. Par for the course you might say.

P.S. The restriction signs were still in place at 6 p.m. today but had gone by 10:30. Whether through incompetence or design, Bexley’s motorists have been threatened with Penalty Notices all day for no reason whatsoever; not as bad as the three weeks of incompetence that ruled In Wilton Road though.


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