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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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17 July - Residents blacklisted by councils

Daily Mail headlineYesterday’s Daily Mail had an article on how power crazy councils blacklist residents. Bexley is not specifically mentioned but it undoubtedly picks on individuals for no valid reason. Remember the mentally unstable man who they waged war on who was driven to set fire to his house in protest? And then there are the Harassment letters and bans from attending meetings for people who want to do no more than follow the government minister’s advice and take a camera into the council chamber.

Doncaster council gets pride of place in the Mail’s article. Jane Clift reported a tramp vandalising a park and was labelled a potentially violent resident. The council then told her doctor, dentist, optician and more that she was a risk to all of them. Don’t laugh, the same mindset pervades Bexley council. I have seen an email that says the police threatened me with arrest because I had threatened Bexley council with physical violence. This may of course be the police’s excuse for paying far too much attention to a thoroughly disreputable council - or it may be another Bexley council lie. It is not only Doncaster council which will stop at nothing in their quest for absolute power.

In theory you can find out if you have been blacklisted by Bexley council by serving them with a Subject Access Request but my experience so far as thay they are not keen to fulfil that legal obligation.

I’m going to write to the police again tomorrow to ask why they have still done absolutely nothing about the obscene blog which Bexley council obviously knew about. It doesn’t take a “data specialist” to walk in to the Civic Centre and ask council leader Teresa O’Neil and Chief Executive Will Tuckley how they managed to get their obscene blog removed within hours of Elwyn Bryant and me reporting it to them. I don’t suggest they knew of it beforehand but it certainly looks like they knew how to find out who did it pretty damn quick. Honest people would have volunteered the information to the police already.


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