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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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15 July - Library censorship

On the 11th April a Bexley councillor told me he could no longer access this site via the council web servers, the very same day that I received the Harassment letter. I doubt that was a coincidence and if not must surely mean that police were leaned on by the council officially rather than by a rogue individual. If the latter he probably wouldn’t have been able to put a filter in the IT system. I assumed the block would apply to libraries too but was soon assured that was not the case, however from what I hear it may be now. The libraries net facilities appear to be separate from the Civic Offices and if so some council censor must have thought that sending someone to adjust each library’s firewall was good use of council tax payers’ money. Does Bexley council censor books as well as on-line sources of information? Maybe a suitable question for cabinet member Catterall at the next council meeting?

Among far too many indications that Bexley council is desperate to keep the truth about its activities from the public at large is the failure to answer the Freedom of Information Requests (FOI 11/337 and 11/328) about access to this site and the Harassment letter. They are now two months overdue - definitely illegal activity by Bexley council. I have been asking the FOI requester for a long time to report Bexley council to the Information Commissioner (ICO) and he has been pleading computer problems. I spent the afternoon working on his computer (which is why there is not much of a blog today) and now he has no excuse, except perhaps that his Sky broadband connection struggled to get above dial-up speed. But at least his printer now works and he has promised to send his papers to the ICO within a day or two. My Subject Access Request on the same subject is due right now. The ICO will soon be very busy with Bexley council’s illegal delaying tactics.

Two little news items. You have probably already heard that the motorist involved in the Bexley village punch-up has been arrested and Mrs. Joan McCarthy has been inundated by sympathetic email since news of her abuse by Bexley councillors spread around the borough, from her MP too who may well have read about it here. The more people who know what an obnoxious shower we have for a council the better it is.


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